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North Catamount Reservoir

Alright so we're not gonna pretend like the hike around Colorado's North Catamount Reservoir is some kinda intense journey, but man the location, set right up against Pikes Peak, so dope. This Colorado trail runs all the way around the reservoir, never taking you too far from water. The weather wasn't quite warm enough for us to really enjoy kicking it on beach areas, but come summer time there are countless spots you could post up, kick back and enjoy some recreational activities (6.5 miles of shoreline). No matter where you're at, Pikes Peak is right there towering over you, it's pretty badass. Anytime you can be that close to a Colorado Fourteener, its gonna be pretty sweet.

The trail would also be prime for trail running, there aren't too many rocks and its never too steep. You could really get moving and anytime you need to cool off, the water is never too far. There were a good amount of people on the water getting down on some fishing as well. Since gas powered boats are a no go, other options were utilized. A few fishermen had their canoes, but belly boats looked to be all the rage up at Catamount Reservoir. Dudes snagging some lake trout for dinner, getting a leg work out, catching some rays...crunchy man, so crunchy. Ladies gotta be digging on that goodness. Combine that with some Colorado Cool gear and you're good to go. 

If your looking for some dope views, a laid back trail that can take up the good part of a day or a quiet place to fish, this is a legit spot to scope for sure. Keep it ColoradoCool. Cheers. 

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