Seaman Reservoir (Poudre Canyon, Fort Collins)

Seaman Reservoir (Poudre Canyon, Fort Collins)

ColoradoCool Apparel featured hike: Seaman Reservoir

***PLEASE NOTE*** This blog post was written in 2016. Seaman Reservoir is now exclusively available to people fishing and hunting, and the rope swing has been taken down. Huge bummer! Loss of an amazing spot! But, hope the fishing is good! 

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For all you ColoradoCool homies out there who don't own a motorboat (props to those who do-holler at us-we should be friends) Seaman's is a kickass place to spend the day.  Taking a motorboat out is about the only thing you can't do up there. Its located just north of Fort Collins up the Poudre Canyon. Right off Highway 14 alongside the Poudre River there is a great park area (grass, grills, picnic tables) that you walk through right alongside the river then along the path up to the reservoir.  

Once you get up to the reservoir, there is climbing, cliff jumping, hiking, fishing, camping, trail running (if you got the legs) name it. Once the water level drops, which is now has, there is a good amount of beach area around the bend. On weekends your guaranteed to find plenty of people puttin a few back and enjoying the water as well as plenty of people camping. There is a lot of space for everyone so while it is popular, it doesn't get too crowded. 

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There are multiple spots to cliff jump with varying heights. If you look hard might be lucky enough to find what we consider to be the main attraction of Seamans. But make sure your game, we did witness a chick start to take off, hesitate, kinda just step off instead of getting a good jump and then bounce off some rocks like a damn pinball until she finally (mercifully) reached the water. She was a little banged up but took it like a champ. Not ideal though. Our advice is to approach it like you should everything else in life....if ur gonna go for it, go for it. Or, as our boy Mikey B put it, "Just pretend like you don't have a brain!"


Cheers. Keep it safe and keep it ColoradoCool. 

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