We are a local, Colorado-inspired clothing company based in Grand Junction, CO. Started by a graphic designer, John, who grew up in Colorado Springs and went to CSU to study graphic design. As John began his career designing hats, he aspired to create a Colorado clothing brand that didn't just slap the flag on generic shirts and hats, but emphasized creativity and quality of design as well the quality of the products themselves. Products that people wanted to wear not just because they have the flag on them, but because they are well designed, unique, comfortable and make them look good! John then met Erika (from Grand Junction), another graphic designer who had gone to CSU and they began not only their relationship together, but building ColoradoCool as a team. Several years later, here we are.

We constantly strive to be a brand that represents our home state proudly, that deserves to have Colorado in our name and does our amazing state justice. We are always looking to take the next step up both in the quality of our designs and our product line and appreciate so much all the support we get from our community and our customers.