Germantown, NY

ColoradoCool in Germantown, NY

NY’s Catskill and Adirondack Mountains are dwarfed in comparison to the giants yall have in Colorado, but we still seem to find some great places to climb around. Moderate hikes lead us to some spectacular views. 

Originally hailing from the Piedmont of NC, I moved up to NY State 5 years ago to work on an organic vegetable and livestock farm. I’ve just started building living quarters in the woods by the farm, so I can spend more time out in nature.

Even though the beach was my first love, living at the foot of the Catskills has given me a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the mountains. We are always looking for new hikes to try and spots to camp. Nothing beats sitting around a roaring campfire at night.

 Finding a couple trees to hang my Eno hammock on is my preferred way to spend afternoons after long hot days on the farm. I’ve found my newest hobby in slacklining. After watching a few videos on primitive setups, I purchased a handful of carabiners, rappel rings and a shit ton of 1” webbing. I love the focus and balance it takes, and I’m down for anything that gets me into the woods and barefoot.  

I’ve always hunted through local surf, skate and outdoor shops looking for new clothing, though they are usually packed with those large corporate brands. So I was stoked when my buddy told me about ColoradoCool. Supporting new small companies that are into local living is more my speed. Though the focus is on the epic state of Colorado, the clothing and fresh designs rep the style and lifestyle I value. I can’t wait to see the upcoming artwork yall put out on new gear!

Sending much appreciation from the East Coast,




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