Mount Herman Hiking Trail, Palmer Lake, Colorado

Mount Herman Hiking Trail, Palmer Lake, Colorado

After putting in a decent Saturday's work designing some new ColoradoCool Apparel, we couldn't resist getting outside and enjoying some of that bomb springtime weather. The combo of snow and sunshine on Mt. Herman made for some great Colorado hiking conditions and the scenery was EPIC.  The view of Pikes Peak from the summit of Mt. Herman is INSANE (see photo). The view to the east looking down on Colorado Springs and Monument aint too shabby either, but lets be real, we're up there to scope those Colorado mountains son. Being that we were down in Northern Colorado Springs for the weekend and the Mt. Herman trailhead is just a little ways north in Monument, the drive to the trailhead was a quick one (about 20 min). This pretty chill 2 mi hike made for a great way to stretch the legs, soak up some rays and enjoy some top shelf Colorado scenery. The hiking trail was covered in snow, but thanks to some fellow peeps living that ColoradoCool lifestyle, we had a nice clear path stomped out for us. The combo of the gorgeous blue skies, icicles still hanging from giant rock formations, and the luscious green pines tipped with bright white snow certainly kept our heads turning and fingers pointing as we made the trek. I think the pooch loved the afternoon more than any of us, having a blast bolting up and down the trail while keeping plenty cool rolling around in that fresh Colorado snow. This hike up Mt. Herman in this beautiful spring weather certainly made for an awesome, laid back, mind clearing, ColoradoCool afternoon, kudos, yet again, to mother nature. Always thankful we have so many great hiking spots right around the corner. Cheers...until next time, keep it ColoradoCool



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