Limbaugh/715 Trail (Colorado Springs)

Limbaugh/715 Trail (Colorado Springs)

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Limbaugh / 715 Trail - Monument to Palmer Lake

Labor Day weekend in CO is probably one of the most difficult times to escape crowds. Luckily, Colorado Springs is full of amazing forests. We know wherever there are some badass Ponderosa Pines there are likely some badass trails. Even better, a variety of them are within a few miles of I-25. The local spot we chose was a lengthy, super loose, wild ride. I didn't really expect this trail to take us as far as it did (12 miles), but when it was all said and done, man, you really feel like you have completed one hell of a task, adding a little extra flavor to the beers that follow. I, Mikey, B, present to you - the Limbaugh/ 715 Variation Trail. 

While Colorado Springs sometimes gets a bad rap for some sketchiness that may not make it a prime destination for hitting the bars, this area of CO is an absolute gem for anyone who loves to ride.

We first decided to hit the Limbaugh/715 Trail due to the fact the trailhead is only ten minutes off I-25. Anytime we are experimenting with a new trail, we like to look for the best rated and being easy to access is certainly a plus. The dense forest and giant climbs smacked us right in the face when we pulled up tot he Nursery Rd. trailhead. Unfortunately, this is also the trailhead for a very popular hiking trail so the traffic was a bit overwhelming at the beginning. However, like always, the more difficult the trail becomes the less people you will find. We began our ascent up the far right trail and continued taking rights through a flowy, easy to navigate system that eventually dumped us out on a main dirt road. From there we followed the uphill trend until we reached another parking lot where we found a single track trail. This trail was also easy without many obstacles-- a great warm up for what was ahead. 

limbaugh 715 colorado springs mountain biking

The luring mountain ahead was dawning over me. I gasped for air, realizing I was in for a strenuous climb with an outstanding view as a reward. The trail then led us to a maze, follow the beaten path heading left and up. At the end you will find yourself at another dirt road to ride straight across to start the tough climb.

Limbaugh trail kicked off with oak brushes and small pines and eventually led us into a beautiful, lonesome, wonderful Ponderosa forest. 

At the top of the first climb we were gassed but happy to find a winding downhill that put a fat smile on our faces. Then we were hit with another fork in the road. Here we decided to head left up an extremely loose, steep climb. We were welcomed with more amazing views teamed with stream crossings which delighted our puppers! At the very tippy top w relaxed for a few then decided it was time to reward ourselves and slam the trail we just worked so hard to ascend. A little warning before you embark on this fast and furious downhill-- watch your speed as it is very tough slowing down due to all the loose rock-- but of course, do what makes you feel alive. 

Once you reach the Nursery Rd. Trailhead you will have earned a nice, big, frosty cold brew while you sigh with relief that one more epic trail has been conquered. Hope you enjoyed the article and I offere you a precursory congrats for completing the ride!! 

Come back again for another trail review from yours truly.


Mikey B

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