Hewlett Gulch (Poudre Canyon, Fort Collins)

Hewlett Gulch (Poudre Canyon, Fort Collins)

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Hiking/Mountain Biking Hewlett Gulch Trail

Hewlett Gulch is a beautiful back woods trail located just outside Fort Collins, about 30 minutes west in the Poudre Canyon. The scenery in the springtime makes for an absolutely breathtaking experience. The intense smell of columbines flourishing in this area and the refreshing sound of snow melt parades while you gasp for air churning up this challenging trail. Stream crossings vary with the time of year, in the spring you may have to hike your bike across the several slippery crossings of the roaring stream, but most of the time you will be fine to challenge yourself to ride through them. There is an abundant amount of rock gardens located along the trail with no shortage of difficulty. It is a ten-mile loop. For an average weekend warrior, you might have to hike your bike through some steep climbing sections. Luckily this trail has a few expert sections available for those who want to push their ability to the limit.

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Usually, I don't pack much water for the doggies because the streams will be running all year long. As for yourself, you will want to pack your normal amount. Like most single track trails in Colorado you may encounter bears and mountain lions, so prepare yourself for a possible mid-trail battle. Personally, I always bring my 9 mm pistol, you are allowed to shoot recreationally 150 yards off the trail with proper knowledge in regards to weapon safety.

Remember to always pack out your trash!!!!!

Keep it "Colorado Cool".


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