ColoradoCool 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

ColoradoCool 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year! The bittersweet time of the year where the days of walking out to get the mail in your boxers are all but gone and the days where you don't have to consider how your jacket choice is going to match your kicks are few and far between. However, that also means that the slopes have opened up, warm cozy fires are soon to be ignited, the creative excuse to have a little whiskey after work becomes less and less necessary AND THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! Man, gotta love the holidays. You get time off work to spend with friends and family, non grinchy folks are in a good mood, holiday decorations go up....all you have to do is be merry and make sure you don't blow it buying some awful, lame, disappointing gifts for your loved ones! Don't worry folks, Colorado's best apparel company, ColoradoCool, has you covered this 2018 holiday season with some great Colorado gift options for him or her. Whether you are looking for a Colorado shirt, Colorado hat or a Colorado beanie, we're confident we have some Colorado clothing that fits your gifting needs. Now, buying clothes as Christmas gifts can be tricky as we all know clothing is not a "one style fits all" situation. So, we are going to try and provide some insight to help you in finding the best Colorado Christmas gifts this year.

Best Colorado Gifts 2018

Fall '18 Knits (left to right-San Juan, Back2Back, Highlight, Carousel, Cozy)

Great Gift for Him (Teen/Early Twenties)- If you're looking for a great Christmas gift for a teenage male who loves Colorado, we have several great options that as a whole, cater to a wide variety of style preferences. The Carousel Knit (seen above) is a great CO Flag Christmas gift that can be worn by a variety of people. One of those people is a teenager who likes to have a fun with their gear, isn't afraid to be a little goofy yet still has a good sense of style. If they aren't afraid to bust out an ugly holiday sweater for the holidays to get some laughs, you can be sure this is a home run gift. A good sense of Colorado pride is a plus as well. If that sounds like the fella you are shopping for, this Colorado Flag knit would be a great Christmas gift option.  

Colorado Flag Beanie - Colorado Flag Knit - Colorado Flag Clothing

Now, if you're shopping for a teenager who takes himself a little more seriously, likes to look cool rockin more of a skater/hiphop look (maybe aspires to have/has an SUV with tinted windows, likes flat bills, etc.) then the Highlight Knit is an awesome gift option for you. Products like this are what we feel make ColoradoCool stand out as the best local Colorado clothing brand. This blacked out, ribbed cuff knit has the creativity, style and quality that you see industry leading brands like NewEra putting out.

Colorado Flag Beanie - Black Colorado Flag Beanie - Colorado Beanie - Colorado Hat

So many local clothing brands have stuff that can be found in gas stations or looks like the company manufacturing them doesn't even have a design department. The Highlight beanie still has all the components included to rep Colorado proudly, but you're not sacrificing quality or the level of style that can be found in stores like Zumiez. This is the kind of place that this sort of dude is going to want to buy his apparel from. ColoradoCool Apparel, while still being a great local Colorado brand, is able to deliver when it comes to meeting that desired style, look and quality. This is part of the reason the brand was started, to manufacture gear that has local content without sacrificing the quality and style you get buying brands like Volcom and DC. Another great option for this demographic is our edgy, sleek and extremely comfortable long sleeve shirt The View.

The View Longsleeve Colorado Gear Colorado Winter Gear Local Colorado Apparel

This is an especially strong option if your shopping for somebody who loves snowboarding in Colorado. The View features some awesome graphics depicting a Colorado Mountain scene framed by snowboarding/skiing goggles with the face covered by a ColoradoCool bandana. This shirt also has similar graphics on the back, getting you a lot of bang for your buck. If you need to get a gift for a young man who loves Colorado and likes shirts that have bigger graphics on them, then this is a great gift option for him. Its fairly loud but not anything over the top because its grayscale, so even if he is a more conservative dresser, he should be happy with it.

Colorado Flag Hat Washed

As for those who are more into following the current fashion trends, a great option is probably the DownLow Washed. "Dad Hats" have been very trendy for awhile now, and while this Colorado Flag Hat is not your traditional Dad Hat (usually has a smaller logo on the front and thats all) this product is that same style with a little extra flavor. If your buying for somebody who just wants to strictly follow trends, this may be a little too different from the normal dad hat for them, but if they are into fashion trends and also like being unique...this is a great gift for him. It has a bigger front logo that uses the Colorado Flag colors as well as the Colorado Flag made up of several Colorado landmarks and area codes on the undervisor. For somebody who fits the description above and also loves Colorado gear..this will be a home run! If you want a more "on the nose" Dad hat, our PuffPuff Pass Washed Hats would be exactly what you are looking for. They have the single small logo and are humorous like Dad Hats often are....but if you are shopping for your kid whose still in high might want to wait a few years on this one. :)  One last option for this type of person could be the Colorado Landmark Bandana. Bandanas are trending right now and we have two color options that both mix in countless aspects of Colorado Life into a fun and dope looking design. 

PuffPuff Pass, Colorado Hat - Colorado Washed Hat - Colorado Gear

Remember now, if these options we have gone over don't seem like a great gift for your guy, we have plenty of other great options on the site. If they love hiking in Colorado and are more into Colorado outdoor life, the 14er Trucker or the TopoTrucker are both terrific gift options for him. Just remember buying hats, some people prefer snaps and some people prefer fitted, so double check on that preference first! 

Great Gift for Him (Middle Aged)

As you get a little older, presenting yourself as a respectable member of society might become more of a priority. This might mean finding a littttle more balance in expressing yourself in how you dress and trying to look like  a real adult. However, that doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of fun. Now, while an option like The Roadie might be a little over the top, our PuffPuff Pass Hats are a great option regarding that middle ground. The reference is subtle and the hats are basic and clean, but its still great for getting some laughs and perfect for those clever folks out there who love a good play on words. At first glance, it looks like your typical Colorado mountain hat, featuring one of Colorado's great mountain passes. At festivals we witness a very high percentage of people LOL when they see these products and comment on how they like the subtly. Definitely a great gift for somebody who loves some nice, chill, Colorado mountain time and some humor. 

PuffPuffPass Hats - ColoradoCool Apparel - Colorado Gear - Colorado Hats

Another great Colorado gift for him would be any of the Colorado Landmark Flag shirts or hoodies. These are available in charcoal, dark navy and royal. These shirts are unique, featuring a big Colorado Flag graphic on the lower half of the shirt. This Colorado Flag graphic is made up of a bunch of smaller graphics featuring different aspects of Colorado and the Colorado lifestyle. The more you look, the more you love! 

Colorado Flag Hoodie - Colorado Hoodie - Colorado Apparel - Colorado Clothing

Great Gift for Him (little experience)

A lot of our Colorado gear is designed with some pretty loud graphics in a style which may not lend itself to older folks, but we absolutely do have a handful of products that makes for great gifts that aren't quite so loud. Our Microtribute Shirts feature a smaller, one color design that is nice and clean yet still has plenty of Colorado incorporated. The four Colorado area codes are featured in each of the different bottlecaps of this design accompanied by Colorado landmarks from that area. 303 is represented by Denver's skyline, 719 by Kissing Camels at Garden of the Gods, 970 by Fort Collin's Horsetooth Rock and 720 by the world's best concert venue, Red Rocks! We can promise if you buy this gift for him and he loves Colorado and very comfortable shirts, you'll be good to go! 

Colorado Shirt - Colorado Clothing - Colorado Apparel - Colorado Breweries

Another great gift option for him - if he loves hiking in Colorado and has hiked some Colorado fourteeners before, would be the 14er Trucker. This Colorado outdoors hat mixes together several great components of Colorado outdoor life together to make a great hat. The organic colors, the waxed canvas front, the performance sweatband, the front graphic in the shape of the U.S Forest Service patch and to top it off, silhouettes and elevations of Colorado's famous fourteeners. Like I said, if he loves hiking in Colorado and likes hats, this is a can't miss gift for him (really for any guy fitting this description-regardless of age).

Colorado Fourteener Hat - Colorado Fourteeners - Colorado Hat - Colorado Hiking

Great Gift for Her (Teen/Twenties) 

A very popular knit for pretty much any demographic, the Carousel knit is a great gift for her if she loves rockin' Colorado gear that is loud and fun! This Colorado flag beanie is the perfect mix of comfort and style. Whether its for hitting the slopes or a chilly night on the town, she'll look cute and fun in this ColoradoCool beanie. 

Colorado Flag Beanie - Colorado Flag Hat - Colorado Clothing - Colorado Gear

Another great gift for her (if she likes rock climbing) would be the Womens Ascent tank top. This polyester/cotton blend racerback tanktop features a rock wall in Colorado Flag colors with a female rocking climber ascending the wall. If you think she will like the look, she certainly will not be disappointed with the quality. Its a very comfortable tank that uses a water based ink (resulting in minimal feel) for the Colorado Flag colored graphics. 

ColoradoCool Ascent Tank - Colorado Climbing Tank - Colorado Flag Colors

Great Gift for Her (Middle Aged)

We also have a few t-shirts that make great gifts for her this holiday season. The first being one of our Microtribute shirts. These come in three colors and they are super, super comfortable. Our MicroTribute shirts feature a smaller, one color design that is nice and clean yet still has plenty of Colorado featured. The Colorado Area codes are featured in each of the different bottlecaps of this design accompanied by Colorado landmarks from that area. 303 is represented by Denver's skyline, 719 by Kissing Camels at Garden of the Gods, 970 by Fort Collin's Horsetooth Rock and 720 by the world's best concert venue, Red Rocks! 

ColoradoCool Microtribute Shirt - Colorado Womens Clothing - Colorado Clothing

One last gift for her that we would suggest for any the Cozy Beanie. It is super comfortable, super warm and suppper stylish! This ColoradoCool beanie has a fleece lining on the inside that will keep you cozy on the coldest of Colorado days. This beanie also features a silver reflective tag with the ColoradoCool logo just to add that little extra somethin somethin! 

ColoradoCool Cozy Beanie - Colorado Clothing - Colorado Apparel

Trust us, buy some ColoradoCool gear for your loved ones this holiday season and they won't be disappointed! Remember to check out the site for any other options that might suit your gift needs and keep an eye on our social media for any brand new releases this month! HINT HINT.

Happy Holidays....Until next time...keep it ColoradoCool!  

Best Colorado Gifts 2018



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