Why our Colorado Flag Hoodies are your new must-have wardrobe addition for fall (or winter, spring, or summer)

Why our Colorado Flag Hoodies are your new must-have wardrobe addition for fall (or winter, spring, or summer)

Maybe the best thing about our Colorado Flag Hoodies is that they are a great product to wear year-round. The fall, in particular, is an awesome time to pick one of these Colorado Flag Hoodies up. They are a lightweight, cotton/polyester blend fabric that is perfect for those brisk fall mornings, but aren't heavy enough to have you sweating as the day warms up. As things get colder up in the Colorado mountains, our Colorado Flag Hoodies are ideal to wear under your heavier jackets as a comfortable base layer. They are also amazing for lounging around the house during those cold, short winter days when you're taking a break from braving the cold and getting out in the snow (skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, whatever your favorite CO winter hobby is). Even in the summertime, our Colorado Flag Hoodies are a perfect lightweight hoodie option for those Colorado summer nights that are just a little too chilly for a t-shirt or tank. If you purchase a ColoradoCool Colorado Flag Hoodie here, we would be surprised if you go more than a week anytime throughout the year without putting it to good use! Aside from the functionality and high-quality of this product, the Colorado Flag graphic is really popular both among tourists and locals. It incorporates popular Colorado destinations from all over Colorado - from Denver, to Colorado Springs, to Fort Collins to Telluride....and many more! Its also incorporates a lot of aspects of the Colorado lifestyle that we all love so much! Checking out the graphics on this Colorado Flag hoodie that can be rocked year-round is always a lot of fun and it is printed in a high quality ink that won't fade by a fantastic, Colorado based company, Superior Ink. We have yet to have a disappointed customer who purchased our Colorado Flag Hoodie. Finding a unique, well executed depiction of the Colorado Flag isn't easy these days, but we take a lot of pride in ours - both because of the quality of the product as well as the effort we put into executing our popular Colorado Flag design. With the holidays coming up, this is a perfect Colorado holiday gift. Consider ordering one now for you or for a loved one for the holidays and we know you won't be disappointed!!
Mitchell Lake Hike Colorado ColoradoCool Apparel

Blue Lake via Mitchell Lake Trail - Roosevelt National Forest - ColoradoCool Apparel

If you're looking for a mild/moderate Colorado hike full of beautiful Colorado scenery, keep reading. This hike has some of just about everything but isn't very difficult. The hike up to just Mitchell Lake is really quick/easy, just a mile...then its two more to get up to Blue Lake. I would suggest hitting both as getting up to Blue Lake isn't too difficult and as you can see, behind those sweet ColoradoCool Hats, the scenery is well worth a moderate Colorado hike.
Mt Democrat Colorado 14er Hike

Mt Democrat - ColoradoCool Apparel

Colorado 14er Hike in Late June. Rockin ColoradoCool Apparel (of course) hiking Mt. Democrat. f you're looking to hit a Colorado 14er that's not too intense yet still has some awesome views and will make for a great half day, Mt. Democrat is an awesome choice. It is pretty common to hit Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross all in one as you can traverse from peak to peak without losing too much elevation, but as we had a few more inexperienced hikers in the group last weekend (6/24), we decided to keep it chill and just summit Mt. Democrat.