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New Colorado Beanies - pt. 2/3 - Fall 2020 ColoradoCool Apparel

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Well, if anyone was hanging onto the hope that they had a little while longer before they needed to worry about getting our their boots, winter coat and Colorado beanies...that hope was snowed out in a big way this weekend. And while scraping off your windshields in 7 degree weather is never much fun, lets all be super grateful that this snow storm came when it did. With Estes Park and Grand Lake (along with others) having been evacuated and the fires being extremely difficult to contain, this snow storm was an enormous blessing. Lets hope this leads to those fires being completely contained and those amazing mountain towns being saved. Plus, the snow is always beautiful and fun and great for the resorts! Just have to make sure you dress for it, which is where our new Colorado beanie collection comes in handy! 

If you read the first part of our new Colorado Beanie collection blog post, you will have already heard about what makes our Colorado beanies so great. But if you didn't, here's the high points.

What makes ColoradoCool beanies the best beanies in Colorado? 

  • Fleece Lining on almost all of our new Colorado beanies 
  • Several fresh Colorado Flag Beanie designs
  • Colorado beanies that don't include the CO flag to mix it up 
  • Women's specific designs that are on trend
  • Top of the line manufacturing which makes for great comfort, fit and durability

You will hear us talk about the fleece lining in our beanies often and that is for good reason. When we get hit with weather like this, the fleece lining provides that extra warmth that's going to keep you nice and warm even if you are out enjoying winter activities in Colorado all day. Its a total game changer. Whether you are out snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, whatever...these Colorado beanies won't let you down. It is easy to see the quality of design online, but being able to tell warmth and quality can be a little trickier. But you can trust us, these products won't disappoint you, we know this time of the year you need that top of the line quality to enjoy the great outdoors.

New Colorado Flag Beanies

Now, let's get into some specific styles. We have a lot of awesome Colorado Flag beanies in this blog post. As always, we put extra time and thought into our designs so they aren't just the same old same old you've seen a hundred times. Everyone loves reppin' the Colorado Flag, but you don't have to sacrifice your style or individuality to do least, not if you buy your Colorado gear from us. 

New Colorado Flag Beanie - ColoradoCool Apparel

First off, we have a Colorado Flag Beanie called the Carousel 2. This is one of a handful of beanies we carry that is inspired by all those awesome holiday sweaters you start to see this time of the year. However, with this design, while we made sure that we threw in plenty of holiday spirit and Colorado pride, we still kept it clean enough to rock on the daily. This product isn't something you can only wear for a fun holiday party. The white and dark navy heather cuff keep it stylish and on trend, making this fun Colorado Flag beanie something you can wear consistently, not just for fun holiday occasions.  

Black Colorado Flag Beanie and Colorado Mountain Beanie

Next we have a great option for those of us who don't like to wear so much color. This Colorado Flag Beanie is more subtle and is a product you can rock with a variety of outfits. The Night Camo Colorado Flag Beanie features a woven black and gray camo design with the Colorado Flag C dropped in on the right side of the crown. These are the types of Colorado Flag products that ColoradoCool offers that most other local brands don't. Between the quality of manufacturing and design, this product can hold its own on (and does...just go look in the Johnstown Scheels) next to North Face, Carhartt and Nike. We encourage you to buy one and see for yourself! What's better than getting a product made with top of the industry quality while supporting a small local business? Best of both worlds! 

Colorado Flag Beanies Johnstown ScheelsOur next item is another Colorado Flag Beanie called the Haven, this one another fashionable option that is geared more towards women. This is a product that you can wear with a variety of outfits as well. Particularly if you are rockin an outfit that is a little higher end, yet you're going to be outside some and need a beanie to stay nice and warm. This is one more example of a ColoradoCool product that goes beyond what is normally offered by our competitors. You can keep that classy look while rocking your Colorado pride with this Colorado Flag Beanie featuring a faux fur pom. 

Womens Colorado Flag Beanie

The black fleece lining in the Haven beanie will keep you nice and warm while you're out enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Order yours now and find out for yourself!

Colorado Flag Beanie with Faux Fur Pom

The last Colorado Flag Beanie we will feature in this post is called the Lodge. This product has an off white and dark navy heathered pattern with red and dark navy strips woven into the crown. The logo on the cuff features the Colorado Flag C, Colorado mountains and "Since 1876", referencing the year Colorado was established as a state. The screenprinted graphics have a weathered texture, combining nicely with the off white knitting to create a nice retro look. This Colorado Flag Beanie does not have the fleece lining like most of our Fall 20 Beanies. This is just because for some folks out there who run a little warmer, the fleece lining can be a little too toasty. Therefore, we wanted to offer a couple options without the lining. 

Colorado Flag 1876 Beanie - Colorado Est Date Beanie

Don't hesitate to pull the trigger on one of our new Colorado Beanies! Our products always ship quickly and come in really cool, customized boxes with a free sticker included! If you are shopping for a gift, the customized packaging and free sticker really put it over the top. You or you're loved one won't be disappointed, we promise! We have yet to receive less than a four star review yet, and even the four stars are very rare! 

Colorado Flag Beanies

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