ColoradoCool 2019 Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

ColoradoCool Apparel's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

No matter who you are shopping for (friends, family, significant others, yourself) this holiday season, we are sure you'll be able to find the perfect Colorado gift for everyone on your list! Here are a few of our top recommendations:

colorado flag hoodies

Colorado Flag Hoodies

Our best selling Colorado Flag thermal hoodies are a "can't miss" gift this holiday season. Not only are they super comfortable and great to wear in a variety of situations, but this custom Colorado Flag graphic contains countless aspects of the Colorado lifestyle. Our flag contains so much of Colorado - area codes, landmarks, hobbies - that there is no way it won't represent your loved one! These thermal hoodies are awesome to wear during chilly spring and fall mornings, around the house, at work and under your heavy coat during the winter and around the campfire during those Colorado summer nights..we'll be shocked if you go a week without wearing them regardless of the season! And take our word for it....if you could feel them right now you would already be checking out! 

colorado beanies

Unique, High-Quality Beanies

Regardless of who you are shopping for, we are confident we have a Colorado beanie that will make for a great gift! Beanies featuring Colorado mountain ranges, the Colorado flag, the Denver skyline, Colorado Flag colors, fleece linings, big poms, no poms,  a variety of color combos.... we have it all!

mountain camo hatMountain Camo Flatbill Hat

Next to our Colorado Flag Hoodies, we place this product at the top of the "can't miss" list. If the guy/gal you are shopping for loves flatbills, this Mountain Camo hat is our number one recommendation. And that's not just our opinion, we have barely been able to keep this hat in stock! The mountains and the camo come together to create a very cool, very unique, Colorado themed cap. 

colorado ornaments

Laser-Engraved Ornaments

Colorado birchwood holiday ornaments engraved in the good ole USA! We are very proud to offer ornaments that feature such intricate, detailed, wood engraving! Whether you are a Colorado native, or reminiscing an awesome vacation, these Colorado ornaments will be great as gifts or additions to your tree this holiday season! 

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Keep in mind - all orders are shipped in our NEW custom ColoradoCool packaging...adding a lot of flavor to your holiday gifts and making them that much more memorable!!! 

Colorado beanies

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